'The Happiest Man on Earth' Offers 5 Tips To Being Happy

Published : 11/3/2016
In a video for GQ magazine, we meet Matthieu Ricard, who, after completing his Ph.D., left for the Himalayas and "spent the last 50 years learning how to be happy," according to the publication. Now, Ricard's offering viewers five key pieces of insight so we too can practice positivity and happiness in our daily lives.

"If there's a solution, just do it. If there's no solution, there's no point to worry, you're just compounding your problem."

"There [are] a number of fundamental human qualities that are extremely crucial for flourishing in life ... like attention, love and kindness, inner freedom, inner peace."

"There will be somewhere, some skill, some area where you really feel inspired — so look for that and then do what's necessary to achieve that."

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