Sony Unveils Its New Ultra-Realistic Robot Dog

Published : 11/5/2017

Sony has just unveiled Aibo, its new ultra-realistic and connected robot dog!

This new model Aibo ERS-1000 marks the great return of the robot dog by Sony, whose production was stopped in 2006. It is clear that the robot toys have evolved a lot in 10 years!

This new version of the robot dog Aibo is stuffed with sensors, and is equipped with an artificial intelligence. With its design, its much more realistic movements, and its Oled screen eyes, the Aibo by Sony is very expressive, and will be able to react to pet and words, but also to recognize people to interact with them. It also has two fish-eye cameras to map its environment.

The Aibo ERS-1000 will be connected to a cloud platform, which will allow Sony to collect data from all dogs, to improve their behavior over time. The new Aibo robot dog will be available from January 2018 for about 1500€.


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