Women Ages 5 To 75 Are Asked, 'What's The Nicest Thing Someone Has Done For You?'

Published : 5/18/2018

The smallest and most simple act of kindness can stay with us forever. That's why the things people say or do for us, and the things we say or do for others, matters.

In a video from Glamour magazine, women ages 5 to 75 are asked, "What's the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?"

People of different ages have different takes on the question depending on their experiences and circumstances, but some common themes, such as people making them feel accepted, are voiced throughout.

For example, one 7-year-old says the nicest thing that's ever happened to her is when someone played with her when she had no one else to play with.

"A classmate stood up for me when I was getting bullied," a 10-year-old said. And an 11-year-old said the nicest thing that's happened to them is when someone chose to be their friend.

Other people point to material things, like having their boyfriend decorate their room with flowers or having their parents support them through college.

And as the women get older, circumstances surrounding their living situations and jobs come up.

"Giving me truly meaningful opportunities," one 49-year-old says.

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