Ways To Pick Yourself Up When Life Gets You Down

Published : 6/30/2018

Sometimes, we just have bad days where nothing seems to go our way. And while we look for ways to turn those days around, it's often not easy. At times, turning to others for advice can be a great way to find new methods to pull yourself through the moments that feel hardest.

Checkout the responses when one Reddit user asked the online community a simple question: "When life just seems to keep knocking you down over and over and over again, what do you do to keep picking yourself back up?"

"Don't get mad at what you can't control," one person writes. "Accept, overcome, persevere."

1. Let it out.

2. Focus on the little things that make you happy.

3. Recite your mantras.

4. Move one step at a time.

5. Know you're not alone.

6. Remember that this will pass.

7. Try something new.

8. Set little goals daily.

9. Perservere.


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