To Explain Net Neutrality, Burger King Made People Wait Longer For Whoppers

Published : 1/25/2018

Net neutrality is a difficult concept to explain, but Burger King's new ad seems to have found a way to get ordinary Americans to understand exactly what net neutrality is and how it will impact them.

In the ad, which you can see below, customers are shown placing orders at Burger King. As time passes however, several patrons realize either Whoppers are missing from their orders entirely, or are taking an inordinate amount of time to prepare. As the increasingly angry customers approach the counter, Burger King staff point to the menu board and note that in order for a Whopper to be prepared in the standard amount of time, customers must pay $25.99. On the other hand, if you pay the normal Whopper price of $4.99, your burger won't be ready until about 20 minutes have passed.

In this scenario, the Whopper is the Internet, and curtailing people's access to it is meant to convey how the Internet could change without net neutrality. Currently net neutrality provides equal and fair access to the Internet and forbids ISPs from intentionally blocking, slowing down or charging money for specific websites and online content, but the FCC voted to repeal it back in December.

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