Tips for perfectly pretty nails

(Family Features) Nails have become the ultimate form of self-expression in beauty. From classic French manicures and gel finishes to elaborate designs and bold neons, nails reflect your own unique style. This season, make sure your tips are healthy and perfectly polished to enhance your overall appearance.

Polish Your Look
Whether you want a pop of color to match a new outfit or a subdued nude overlay, a perfect polish is the final step needed to complete a well-crafted look. No matter your personal style, there are hundreds of shades to choose from. To nail your ideal shade, visit a store that has a wide color selection of nail polish, like Walgreens, which has over 8,000 convenient locations for all your beauty needs.

Make Moisturizing a Habit
Before you break out the polish, be sure to also give proper attention to your hands. Invest in a deeply hydrating formula of hand cream or body lotion and apply to hands throughout the day, every day. Some key ingredients to look for include retinol, vitamin B and alpha-hydroxy acids, which work together to provide smooth, supple skin from the fingertips to the palms.

Maintain Your Manicure
The signs of healthy nails include a strong, smooth surface, free of dents and dings, with a consistent, uniform color throughout. Invest in quality nail care supplies to keep them looking their best. A complete kit should include a fingernail clipper, cuticle stick, emery board and a buffer. While the rate at which your nails grow can vary from person to person, filing about once a week is a good way to keep up with maintenance. Of course, filing is a good idea any time chips, breakage or rough edges appear. For the best results, cut and file right after bathing when your nails are soft. The Studio 35 beauty line offers nail implements and all the basics you need to maintain your manicure, such as Nail Polish Remover Liquid, Jumbo Cotton Balls and Buffing Blocks.

Cuticle Care
The cuticle located above the nail bed also requires proper moisture, so be sure to use a special cuticle formula or your favorite lotion to apply onto this area. If you have brittle nails, invest in a strengthening base coat before you begin to polish, such as Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat, Smooth & Protect.

By keeping your nails looking maintained, clean and polished, you'll set the tone for your beautiful appearance. For your nail care needs, visit your local Walgreens or shop online at

Tips for a Perfect Manicure
With so many wonderful nail care products available, it's easy to turn your home into your own mini salon. Here are a few simple tips to achieve a perfectly manicured set of nails.

Refresh Your Look
Brighten up any day or night with brilliant color. Give your nails personality with the beautiful shades from the Revlon ColorStay collection with flirty hues, such as Bubbly or Trendy.

Brighten Up with Hot Hues
Small, chic updates to your look don't require spending a fortune. Paint those nails pretty with the most sought-after colors of the season - vibrant neons. To get the look, check out the Sittin' Pretty or Vices Versa shades by Essie.

At-Home Innovations
While many women rush to their local salon for professional gel procedures, new at-home products provide the same look, feel and durability. Some manufacturers even offer gel products that don't require an LED light for application, like Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy, which gives flawless color and brilliant shine in just two steps.

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Source: Walgreens
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