Obese mother loses 200 pounds And Here is Her Secret

Amy LeRoy, from Kentucky, once weighed over 350 pounds.

2006: My weight was at my all-time high. I was medicated for chronic hypertension. Seat belts didn't fit around me. I couldn't fit into booths at restaurants. Anxiety was bad. I struggled to walk to/from my classes in college. 2016: I've lost 200 lbs since 2006. I've been off blood pressure meds for almost 2 years now. My blood pressure is always normal or low. No more seatbelt or booth struggles, but I will never forget how embarrassing that was for me. My anxiety is the best it's been in over 10 years. No medication. I love walking now..I park far away just to get in a longer walk. My life did a complete 180. And it was hard work! But I truly feel that it saved my life. I'm so thankful that I had the strength. Anyone can do this. Start where you are, use what you have, & do what you can. πŸ’™ #amyleroygetshealthy #weightlossjourney

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In 2006, her weight was at her all-time high. She was medicated for chronic hypertension.

She started exercising and eating well and lost 200 lbs since 2006. "People ask how I did it. They wanna know my secret. I exercised when I didn't feel like it. I ate veggies when I wanted chocolate. I messed up a lot too, but I kept pressing on. Keep going. That's the secret"

Amy has documented her whole journey on her Instagram.

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